Do you hear the call?

If you feel called to rise with the gifts that Creator gave you and do your part in this vast play of humanity, but you’re not sure what your next step is… I am here for you.

Together, we can work (and play) to reveal how Spirit guides your journey forward, toward fulfilling your purpose and being an instrument of peace and love on the planet. If this feels aligned, let’s talk:

We can only be responsible for ourselves as part of the big picture.

Now, as the human race rapidly evolves to take full responsibility for our role on the Earth as part of a higher spiritual understanding, we know that we are all one and that in the law of oneness there is no separation. 

When I wake up in the morning I think about my part. What gifts do I bring? What part of the healing of the whole is my part to play? I can only do what I do best… and be me. And this is what I offer: my gifts, my prayers, my insights, as they come from Spirit. 

As long as we stand in our truth, and do our part to shine our light in the world, or shine our light as a guiding light for others, or simply shine our light so it may unite with others, and together shine brighter — that is all that matters.

What to expect

Healing and change can only happen in a sacred container of compassion and empathy. The healing process is an ancient way of healing and being that existed long before patriarchy.

Healers like me flow information from the unseen world, that other people don’t yet know how to access. (Part of my role is to help you remember your ability to do this for yourself).

Part teaching, part healing, the process is a gentle transformation — a very different paradigm for our current one, that teaches “no pain, no gain,” or where transformation has to be dramatic and painful.

On the contrary, true, long-lasting change is best achieved through a gentle process.

In the same way that canyons are carved from rock by a trickle of water over time, the most profound transformation actually happens effortlessly, gently.

With kindness, compassion, and empathy, I meet you where you are, connecting you with the information for which you are ready, now. (At different times in our journey, we are open and ready for different teachings. It is not a hierarchical or “better than” thing, it’s a timing thing.)

When we soften, this allows guidance to flow through — from other realms, from our deepest intuition and instincts, from the co-creative intelligence of Source, Spirit, and the Universe.

I meet you where you are. You come to me when you are ready.

This work is not right for everyone, and not everyone is ready for it. 

And through this work, you will build your trust in yourself. Reclaim your power, intuition, and instinct, with faith.

Let’s chat to see if this is the right time for you to do this work.

Charisse’s story

When fellow entrepreneur and soul sister Charisse S. came to the farm for a day of leaning into Spirit’s guidance, she was feeling… fine. She had, sadly, miscarried a month before. The grief had dulled somewhat; she no longer cried every day. 

Her book launch had been on extended pause. Although she had hired tactical help to “get it out there,” she remained stuck. I fed her spinach and farm-fresh eggs, and coffee with raw milk, much of the food sourced from our 100+-year-old farmstead. 

“We’re going into the wheel,” I announced. “My guides are saying now, today.” I outfitted her with an oversized hooded sweatshirt, hand-painted with feathers, and a full skirt to wear over her jeans, so she was appropriately dressed for the weather and connecting with our ancestors.

“Do you have a hat? Gloves? We’re going to be out there for a while.” I took one look at Charisse’s knit Ugg boots and shook my head. “Those aren’t going to cut it.” She borrowed a pair of my husband’s rubber muck boots.

We headed outside. Tromping past rabbits, goats, horses, and cows, our boots crunched through a top layer of frozen snow, and finally on a winding, narrow trail into the woods. We arrived at a small clearing amid the trees.

Sacred items marked each direction. Much of the medicine wheel was buried in the snow. We rolled out yoga mats, fuchsia and blue against the white snow, to protect our bottoms from the frozen ground, wrapped ourselves in blankets against the cold, and began. After smudging, praying, and offering tobacco to our guides and ancestors, I began to drum. 

I walked Charisse through what to listen for, to know when to return, and we fell into deep meditation as the rhythm tethered us to the earth. We each returned with powerful visions, guidance for Charisse’s path forward.

In my vision, Charisse, her spouse, and I came to a circle of their ancestors, people from all different times and cultures, each radiating love. Charisse held the little one she’d just lost in her arms, now the size of a newborn. We passed her around the circle, her light joining with the heart light of each as she was held by them. Then she was passed back to her father, her light melding with his light; then back to her mother. The light of her heart danced and joined with Charisse’s heart. 

“She is, and will always be, a part of your family,” I channeled quietly. “The guides gave me her name. She is called Sacred Wind.” 

Charisse cried. “It was as if a piece of me that had left with my little one was returned to me.”

In Charisse’s vision, she met a beautiful older woman with white-gold hair, queenly in a blue velvet gown. It was her daughter. They fell in step together, side by side, clasping hands. As they walked, Charisse understood wordlessly that Sacred Wind had been her mother in prior lifetimes. As her daughter-mother cradled and comforted her, Charisse no longer felt afraid. She felt safe. As they journeyed, Sacred Wind shared through symbol and metaphor many messages about Charisse’s purpose and role on the planet. 

Charisse went home with resources for her continued journey: an original painting that I had channeled prior to her arrival, and a crystal sculpture with integrated prayer for her healing that remains a part of her meditation routine.

After this experience, Charisse was able to move forward and launch her book — complete with an epilogue based in part on her vision in the wheel. In the process of her next big expansion, we are now focused on her rebrand, including logo and web design.

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