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“OMG! That was fantastic! What a relief! What a blessing!! Thank you, God and Angels!!”

“I have been acquainted with Rosanne for several years and the refrain above is what runs through my head after our interactions! Whether it’s about work on my website, doing ceremony, viewing Rosanne’s artwork and beautiful clothing, reading her book or oracle cards… or just having a conversation! I walk away feeling good after our interactions and that I have benefitted in both tangible and intangible ways.

I was privileged to do Ceremony with Rosanne and what a powerful and healing experience! Even before I arrived at her house I was getting “impressions” that didn’t make sense to me. During the ceremony and journey, I took further notes of what was coming through. Rosanne channeled information (without seeing my notes) that dovetailed what I had received! She put my impressions into context and it made sense. I left feeling as if I had stepped into a place where my authentic “Self” resided, and that I had “come home” to myself—a joy and a relief!

After the Ceremony, Rosanne and I did a photoshoot—challenging for her because I really dislike having my picture taken—and I am whiny about it lol! She was wonderfully patient and imaginative in her approach and I came away with a photo that I loved and used for the website she designed.

When I was originally trying to figure out how to do my website (feeling utterly overwhelmed) Rosanne appeared as an inspiration and guide. I felt so relieved to be able to turn it over to her, knowing that she “got me” and “gets it.” Her inspiration, creativity, and hard work on the sacred geometry logo (that was divinely inspired!) and design, brought it to a higher level than I had originally conceived of on my own. Rosanne had brilliant ideas and together we worked those into the one that felt right. She went above and beyond on this project and it exceeded my expectations!

There’s more…. Rosanne has created an inspired line of decorated clothing that I love—everything feels beautiful on and I feel beautiful wearing it! I have given her paintings as gifts which were very well received and I have her jewelry pieces on my wish list as future gifts to myself.

Rosanne is a brilliantly creative and Divinely Inspired Soul, as well as a patient, kind, down-to-earth, and just lovely human being (she was so very patient with me and my website!!). Rosanne has a huge heart and I am in awe of her Spirit—and the Spirit she brings to all that she does. I look forward to many years of a fruitful (and fun!) association!”

Maggie  |  FirstLight

Here are some of the brands we have developed for our clients!

Shen Essentials

“Rosanne’s work has always been on the cutting edge of creativity, inspiration, and functionality. She imagines the most beautiful physical expression of the essence of my message and communicates the perception I wish to share with others through visual images and site design. I have been incredibly impressed with her time and time again, and she always rises to the occasion and never fails to exceed my wildest expectations. Her talent and skills are remarkable and I cannot recommend her enough.”

— Laryssa Robideau, Shen Essentials

Mija Wellness & Healing

“Rosanne is a godsend when it comes to getting your business off the ground. She not only channeled a beautiful, fitting, and totally unique logo for my yoga business, she also held my hand through the process of setting up my online presence as a brand. Our design conversations were steered by her amazing eye for visuals, and I felt an immediate and deep trust in her vision. As a brand and business owner, I felt understood and seen by Rosanne—even when I couldn’t quite see it myself. She finished my website, logo, and graphics for social media in record time. This woman is incredible. I recommend Rosanne wholeheartedly to any business owner who is struggling to find their voice, esthetic, and brand identity. Rosanne will hold your hand throughout the process, keep you grounded and heart-centered, and co-create something encompassing and wonderful for your brand!”

— Lauren McGrath, Mija Wellness & Healing  |

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The Shameless Movement

— Charisse Sisou, Shameless Movement  Claim Your Message

2 Wolves Creations

“Rosanne’s skills and understanding of branding and web design are stellar.  She is very intuitive and pays attention to small details and the personality of her client, capturing and complimenting professionalism with branding. Going the extra mile you will get more than what you pay for with her. Thank you Rosanne, I love your work!”

— Kelly 2 Wolves, 2 Wolves Creations

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