Packages range in price depending on your needs and budget.
An estimate tailored to you will be provided after a conversation over which offerings are needed at this time.

Co-Creative Guidance from your Angels and Ancestors

60 or 90 minute online sessions. From $125.00
Receive powerful insights and tools for reading the signs and connecting with your “own” guides.

Spirit Wisdom & Guidance 

Half-Day (2.5 to 3 hours). From $250.00.
Connect with your guides and ancestors in an experience that includes teachings on how to meditate or journey for your “own” answers.

Brand Channel for the Soulful Entrepreneur

Full-Day (5 to 6 hours). From $500.00.
Includes everything included in Spirit Wisdom & Guidance, plus intuitive guidance and downloads around your mission, purpose, and brand. 

Optional add-ons to your session:

Power Outfit

Custom-curated to align with your energetic signature and brand, from any of the 4 Winds 1 Breath clothing-line, including jewelry and accessories. Each item in the line is intuitively charged with guidance, healing, and co-creative intelligence. From $250.

Crystal Sculpture

Hand-selected, high-vibration crystals and stones artfully brought together in a one-of-a-kind sculpture, charged with a channeled, personal prayer to set the energy as a touchstone of this experience in your space. From $250.

Channeled Branding for your Soulful Business

Option 1. Logo and color palette aligned with your brand’s essence and vibration. From $500.

Option 2. Clear, conscious, custom web design. From $1,700.

Option 3. Channeled strategy session of your brand’s online presence via social media.
Includes visual brand clarity and aligned design templates. From $800.

Combine all 3 options for the full experience from $2,500.

Channeling the Design for the branding of your soulful business can be combined with:

Channeled Messaging

Intuitive copy and content strategy expressing your unique energetic signature and place in the market. 

Option 1. Copy refinement. High-vibration editing to take your existing copy into alignment with your new brand. From $500.

Option 2. Crystal clear messaging and high vibration web copy written for you, to call in your dream client. From $1,500.

Option 3. Channeled social media strategy including quote and post topic ideas, created to carry you forward on your brand journey. From $750.

Combine all 3 options for the full experience from $2,500.

Professional Photography

High-quality, high-resolution for a portrait or headshot for use on your website and your social media presence. From $250.

More comprehensive packages are available to suit your needs. Check out our other photography at


Let’s Work Together

If you feel a resonance with the work, don’t let money or price be an obstacle; a sliding scale is available and we happily offer one pro bono• project per year. 

•Pro bono applicants may submit a request for 2022.