Four Winds Design & Branding creates “Conscious Design” by sensing the truth and melding it with inner knowing. Using intellect, instinct, intuition, along with creative insight, to raise awareness of how we create and affect our world and humanity.

We create and recreate our lives daily by the choices we make and our willingness to change for the better. We live in a world that is of our design. Our own human experiences and journeys contribute to how we show up in society, how strong our faith is and what we create as a result. Conscious Design is a way to ensure that whatever we create, reflects our evolving selves in a rapidly changing (and hopefully evolving) world. That we represent ourselves honestly in whatever way we offer ourselves in service to others.

“Conscious Design” brings a purposeful creative effort and has a defining impact. For branding to be a true reflection of who we are and how we are “being of service,” we have to be willing to “go there” and “trust life” and this natural process. We need to ensure that whatever we create is a fit for our evolving selves in body, mind, and spirit. Not just for ourselves, but for the good of all those whose lives we impact. That way, our personal “ripple effect” will be a positive, conscious-raising one. We need to work together for creative solutions that will have a positive impact on humanity.

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