Co-Creative Guidance from your Angels and Ancestors

Clarity brings us closer to our mission and makes the path ahead clear.

This is a very different intuitive reading from what you may have received from others in the past. I won’t tell you your future, or what may or may not happen for you. 

Instead, I empower you to find your own answers and teach you ways that you’re ready to receive guidance from your angels and ancestors.

There may be guidance coming from the unseen realm for you about what’s just around the corner. However, I do not consider myself a medium or a psychic.

I walk the path of a spiritual healer and the path of my ancestors, with my ancestors’ guidance. Guidance, clarity, direction, and a higher perspective in both personal and professional areas is what I offer.

This guidance is to be a blessing for you on your path so that you may read the signs along the way, and have a bit more courage to face things that you couldn’t face the day before, or perhaps see things you didn’t even think were relevant the day before.

When I work with people, I ask their angels to let me know what they need at that moment: what guidance I can give to encourage them to fly on their own, chart a new course, or make room for something new or a new direction in their life.

Our time spent together may take you out of your comfort zone but towards your dreams in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Guidance comes in all forms. We receive signs every day that we often fail even to notice.

When you can open up to the signs on a more regular basis, the result for you and your life may be feeling less uneasy with the “not knowing” what’s around the corner; or trusting more in the unseen world as you learn to navigate this new terrain.

All your answers are inside you. 

This is an inner journey that has been recognized by mystics for ages. It is as hard or as easy as you want to make it.  

You will gain insight into your own unique gifts, the ones Creator gave us to use here and now. Until we find that hidden treasure inside ourselves, we cannot embark on our journey forward.

My intent is to shine a light on the path you travel, the light of Spirit guiding your way. In trust and faith, know that you are safe. Know that you have the help of your angels. Know that you are protected as you brave this new path, dear one.

If you are ready to explore this uncharted terrain and your souls’ desires, then let’s embark on this journey together. Let’s see where it takes us, as we all contribute to a positive new future for humanity and the earth with love and light as our guide.