Four Winds One Breath Clothing

Your clothing is part of your visual brand. So why not own clothing designed to empower you? The symbols and images have energy and meaning behind them, amplifying your presence and visibility. Most hand-painted pieces are one-of-a-kind, to represent your unique vibrational signature.

And because they are made with natural and organic materials, this clothing feels great to wear and minimizes the impact on the environment. 

Let’s create a power outfit for you, aligned with who you are and your purpose on the planet.

“My husband got sick of me wearing this sweatshirt, I wore it so often! It SO became my go-to outfit to be comfortable, and nurture myself on days when I desired or needed a little “oomph.” I am comfortable and in my power, all at the same time. And, it is a tactile reminder of the incredible day Rosanne and I shared, like a touchstone for the vision, transformation, and healing journey that I experienced in my work with her.” 

— Charisse Sisou, Shameless Movement  Claim Your Message

P.s. You may want to purchase more than one item with your power symbol, so you don’t have the same problem with your partner!” 

Hand painted leather by four winds one breath

Hand block printed Original Designs by four winds one breath