Book Design & Publishing

As an author, your brand needs to be a true reflection of who you are. And each book has its own personality, its own energy, its own life.

Writing a book is a journey in itself. Supporting an author through the process of book design and publishing is a similar process to brand development. The cover art must convey a clear, energetic signature that aligns with your story, your vision and attracts the buyer. Your visuals must transcend time, trends, and the marketplace.

For your book to be a true reflection of your narrative, we have to be willing to “go there,” and trust life and this natural process. Not just for ourselves, but for the good of all those whose lives we impact through the “energetic ripple effect” or story will create.

We walk you through the entire process… we know it can be overwhelming, we have been there.


Marie Dion’s book shares lessons from the authors’ path of discovery into her Native American heritage and memories of past lives.

Marie Dion considers herself an artist and not a writer. However, two years ago, a poem came to her word for word. She believes her ancestors in spirit form communicated these words to her and intended to write a book “through” her. The result of this extraordinary experience is her book titled “Journey of a Red Soul”.

The book traces Dion’s path of discovery, starting from her Native American roots and branching out to include lessons and memories from previous native lifetimes. Her lives give insight into healing both the self and community from the barriers set between us, including racism, sexism, and other prejudices: “We experience diverse lifetimes as the other gender, the other race, and, karmically, any form we consider separate or different from ourselves.” She boldly treads upon “our tightly-held beliefs about identity and suggests the ultimate solution: we are all interconnected human beings who need to understand each other and ‘walk in the other’s shoes.” She considers herself a bridge between the Christian perspective and native understanding, demonstrating how these spiritualities have worked together throughout her own lifetime, testifying to their very real interconnectedness and the deeper interconnectedness of all people.

“I think most people have experienced the influence of past lives in their current lives, like a sense of immediate familiarity with someone they have never met before or a connection to a place or era that seems otherwise inexplicable,” Dion says. “This book shares my story of being an ordinary woman and an often unwilling participant on an extraordinary journey as I learned about many past lives and how they connected to my present, as well as to the larger history of Native Americans on this continent.”

Return to Wisdom Journal Planner

Our Return to Wisdom 2021 journal planner, co-created with graphic artist, Rosanne Romiglio-Ashley, gently guides users on a 12 month tour of the first 12 Laws on the Wisdom Wheel, starting with Balance in January, ending with Integrity next December.

The wheels of the world have been guiding human lives for eons. The Wisdom Wheel, developed by Cynthia F. Davidson, draws upon North and South American medicine wheels, the Tibetan Buddhist bhāvacakra wheel of life, the Hindu chakravartin wheel of law, and the Chinese lo pan compasses used by feng schui practitioners. The Wisdom Wheel is the first to present the bedrock principles of the 36 universal laws, which identify the core common ground of rights and values, such as Balance, Compassion, and Enlightenment. These unite our cultures, religions, and countries. The Wisdom Wheel is a template, a synthesis of the world’s eons of learning.

These calendars were designed to invite the reader to return to the enduring wisdom of Nature’s bedrock principles. Over the twelve months of this calendar, there is an invitation to engage and to cover the first twelve stepping-stones of the Wisdom Wheel. Guiding the reader to explore through lived experiences into wisdom. 

SHAMELESS Unleash Your Message, Impact & power
by Charisse Sisou

A guide for the modern-day woman who leads: entrepreneur, executive, changemaker, warrior, healer, mother, midwife, maverick, crone.

Charisse Sisou connects women leaders with the tribe, clients, and opportunities they desire through the power of story and body. As a leadership mentor, messaging expert, bellydancer, and author, she brings revolutionary tools to break through barriers and change your business and life.

In Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact & Power, she shares her journey back to her own power. Charisse gives you the tools she used. Bringing together what she learned as a professional bellydancer, apprentice of one of the most ancient forms of feminine movement, with what she learned as queen of a copy agency, helping clients be who they truly are in their marketing, to irresistibly attract the people with whom they’re contracted to work. 

Her book gives you the tools to change all that. You’ll learn how to turn up the volume on your visibility and presence, accessing untapped reserves of wisdom, guidance, and power by clearing the shame that binds us, and restoring our trust in ourselves.