“Art is medicine, and beauty heals.”— Rosanne Romiglio

Four Winds One Breath... Four directions, one breath, one person, one soul

Meet Rosanne Romiglio-Ashley. When my ancestors gave me this business name I did not fully understand it. But It was clear to me and it felt right. My gifts fall into four categories that intertwine with each other and make me unique in what I can offer the world. For a long time, I didn’t realize that everything that I do, actually fits into these four categories. I thought I had far more than four but as I have traveled further down this road clarity has shown me and reveals who I am to myself so I can better serve others.

About the Founder, Rosanne Romiglio

“What I love to do is to make the unseen world visible to others. As a designer, I am drawn to follow the thread of creative inspiration that I am given by Spirit until I can manifest it in visual form.”

Navigating the seen and unseen worlds while living a “normal” life can be tricky. Bridging our spiritual life with the day-to-day can feel like we’re heading down a river on two canoes—one foot in each. When Rosanne’s ancestors called her to immerse herself in Native ceremonies after being raised a devout Catholic, she felt pulled in seemingly opposite directions by her heritage, requiring her to center, balance and ground. Rosanne will share her story, and insights discovered along this spiritual journey: how flowing with the current is following spirit.

About Creative Conscious Design

“Creative Conscious Design” is based on sensing the truth and melding it with inner knowing. Using intellect, instinct, intuition, and creative insight, raise awareness of how we create and affect our world and humanity.

We create and recreate our lives daily by our choices and our willingness to change for the better. We live in a world that is of our design. Our own human experiences and journeys contribute to how we show up in society, how strong our faith is and what we create as a result. Conscious Design is a way to ensure that whatever we put out into the world reflects our evolving selves in a rapidly evolving world. That we represent ourselves honestly in whatever way we offer ourselves in service to others.

“Creative Conscious Design” brings a purposeful creative effort and has a defining impact. For branding to be an accurate reflection of who we are and how we are of service, we have to be willing to “go there” and “trust life” and this natural process. We need to ensure that whatever we create is a fit for our evolving selves in body, mind, and spirit. Not just for ourselves, but for the good of all those whose lives we impact. That way, our personal “ripple effect” will be a positive, conscious-raising one. We need to work together for creative solutions that will have a positive impact on humanity.

four winds one breath

Creating space from a perspective of healing is a concept that came to me as I listened to my clients. When I started Four Winds Gallery in Bristol, Rhode Island in 2006, little did I realize where it would lead me. Customers would come and want to stay in the atmosphere I created with the color scheme, artwork, and sculptures; they could feel the “healing” vibration throughout the space. It calmed their senses, and they came back again and again. I never forgot this. Many years at every show I attended, the customers would come into my space and ask, “it feels so good in here, can I just stay for a few moments and take it in?”  or “your booth feels like an oasis in the chaos of this huge trade show, do you mind if I just hang out here for a few minutes and take a breath?” Comments like this would go on all day, every day, and my mother witnessed this repeatedly—to the point where she would just look at me and smile each time it occurred.

Clients have asked me to create interiors with this same energy and vibration for healing centers, yoga studios, and health practitioners. Creating the business branding, website and then following it through to the environment has been the most fulfilling work. It makes a professional, consistent visual brand for the clients’ workplace that is healing and inviting. Choosing the correct color scheme, artwork, photography, or some combination of those elements for an office or hotel room can calm all who enter and create an opening for positive human interactions bringing some peace into an overly chaotic world.

If your space needs a makeover, your decor needs an upgrade, or your business branding needs to uplevel from where you currently are, why not bring a sense of peace with unique, healing art and sculptures? This creative visionary brings 30+ years of branding expertise to the table, as well as her unique mixed blood, native spiritual ancestry. You will be awed by what she can envision for you.

Photo by Ashley Homestead Photography


“OMG! That was fantastic! What a relief! What a blessing!! Thank you, God and Angels!!”

“I have been acquainted with Rosanne for several years and the refrain above is what runs through my head after our interactions! Whether it’s about work on my website, doing ceremony, viewing Rosanne’s artwork and beautiful clothing, reading her book or oracle cards… or just having a conversation! I walk away feeling good after our interactions and that I have benefitted in both tangible and intangible ways.

I was privileged to do Ceremony with Rosanne and what a powerful and healing experience! Even before I arrived at her house I was getting “impressions” that didn’t make sense to me. During the ceremony and journey, I took further notes of what was coming through. Rosanne channeled information (without seeing my notes) that dovetailed what I had received! She put my impressions into context and it made sense. I left feeling as if I had stepped into a place where my authentic “Self” resided, and that I had “come home” to myself—a joy and a relief!

After the Ceremony, Rosanne and I did a photoshoot—challenging for her because I really dislike having my picture taken—and I am whiny about it lol! She was wonderfully patient and imaginative in her approach and I came away with a photo that I loved and used for the website she designed.

When I was originally trying to figure out how to do my website (feeling utterly overwhelmed) Rosanne appeared as an inspiration and guide. I felt so relieved to be able to turn it over to her, knowing that she “got me” and “gets it.” Her inspiration, creativity, and hard work on the sacred geometry logo (that was divinely inspired!) and design, brought it to a higher level than I had originally conceived of on my own. Rosanne had brilliant ideas and together we worked those into the one that felt right. She went above and beyond on this project and it exceeded my expectations!

There’s more…. Rosanne has created an inspired line of decorated clothing that I love—everything feels beautiful on and I feel beautiful wearing it! I have given her paintings as gifts which were very well received and I have her jewelry pieces on my wish list as future gifts to myself.

Rosanne is a brilliantly creative and Divinely Inspired Soul, as well as a patient, kind, down-to-earth, and just lovely human being (she was so very patient with me and my website!!). Rosanne has a huge heart and I am in awe of her Spirit—and the Spirit she brings to all that she does. I look forward to many years of a fruitful (and fun!) association!”

Maggie  |  FirstLight