13th Annual Natural Living Expo November 9 & 10

Posted on November 5, 2019  By Rosanne

Four Winds One Breath at the 13th Annual Natural Living Expo
November 9 & 10th

Saturday, November 9th: 9am-6pm  |  Sunday, November 10th: 10am-5pm

Live From Your Place of Power

Speaker: Rosanne Romiglio   |   Room: SALON B


On Sunday, November 10: 10:30pm-11:20pm

What does it mean to hold your power? How do we leak power? We give our power away when we don’t want to take responsibility and want others to do it for us. Discover how to find true security and what it means to hold your power within yourself and live from that place.

Rosanne Romiglio’s ancestral heritage is a melding of Mik’maq, Malecite (Algonquin), Blackfoot, French Canadian and Italian. She is the owner and artist of Four Winds One Breath. The messages from her ancestors speak through her and her work, and are meant to open hearts to reconnect us to Mother Earth. Visit booth #803